Why hire Nicola as your photographer?

Austin, TX based artist, Nicola Gell has traveled the globe honing her craft as a world-class photographer. With a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Photography from Texas State University (Magna Cum Laude), she has devoted two decades to the art of finding the light, capturing a moment, and creating a memory. Her art both exhibits maturity and conversation, charming the eye of the beholder with a timeless finesse. She captures nuances through the lens of her camera and polishes them with her creative eye.

Comfort is key


Photo sessions should be fun, and I always have fun! It is so important to me to make you feel comfortable in front of the camera. I aim to make everyone feel relaxed and just enjoy the process, your photos will tell the rest. It is imperative that when we leave I know you're happy with what we captured. So, let's zone in on the real you and have a good time in the midst of it. Leave the polishing to me. My favorite part is when you get your finished pictures and you smile from ear to ear.

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